Posted on Nov 7, 2014

The activity around (Un)Governed Spaces didn’t end at our opening – the first event within Usdan Gallery was a paneled discussion, “Reflections,” with visiting scholars.

Both scholars provided an useful perspective to students, as Sonia Ahsan and Jawan Shir Rasikh are burgeoning scholars in the field, still within the process of discovery very familiar to current undergraduate students at Bennington College.

The Panelists

Ahsan, a cultural anthropologist, discussed her exploratory work into feminist organizations in Afghanistan, involving a woman’s shelter and holding facility for marital disputes in Kabul.

Shir, an intellectual historian, discussed his dissertation in progress, on the geographic history of Afghanistan, particular on the path of Mughal Emperor Babur through and near Kabul and other sites.

Don’t Miss Out…

On our next associated event! November 10th, 7PM will be a showing of National Geographic’s Restrepo in the Usdan Gallery.