At the Gettysburg Cyclorama

I first visited the Cyclorama at Gettysburg during a family visit to the battlefield in grade school.  At the time, I remember the narration and shifting lights which guided viewers through the different points of action told through the painting (42 ft high and 377 feet long!).  Of course, we also visited the civil war battlefield itself, and the comparison between the real site of the battle and the representation was already apparent. Visiting the Cyclorama again last spring in 2014, I noticed a number of changes in the museum (open again after a significant renovation since 2005).  Similar to a …


“If you look carefully along the winding roads inside villages, there are almost more shrines than you can count. Some are prominent, but most are tucked away next to mud walls or simply on the edges of fields. The large ones can be elaborate, with multiple graves and even a mountain goat skull, its twisted horns a subtle reminder of a more pagan past….”